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Date: April 25th, 2017 | Category: Teaching

iSchool offices are in three locations at the UW: Mary Gates Hall (MGH), Bloedel Hall and the Roosevelt Commons building. Most iSchool faculty offices, some Ph.D. students and all Student Services staff offices are in MGH near the center of the UW campus. Researchers, some Ph.D. students and most research staff are located in Bloedel Hall, along with our largest meeting rooms. Other staff offices, including Human Resources, are at the Roosevelt Commons building. While some iSchool classes are held in MGH, many are not. For the location of buildings, see the campus map.

If you are teaching an evening or weekend class in MGH, please make sure you have arranged for access. Our facilities and planning coordinator handles Husky Card door and building access requests for MGH.

To reserve a conference room in Mary Gates Hall, email the reception desk at ireception@uw.edu.

Faculty mailboxes are in MGH 370 (the Dean’s suite); guest faculty have folders for their mail in the file cabinet just inside MGH 370.

iSchool copy machines available for your use are in MGH370, MGH330 or MGH015. You may also send copy and scan requests to ireception@uw.edu as an email message with an attached file or place the item(s) to be copied in the box labeled “Work” at the main reception desk in MGH 370. Please submit your request at least two business days in advance and be sure to indicate when the job should be completed, how many copies are needed, whether the copies should be single- or double-sided, and whether they should be stapled. Copy Request Forms are available in the Work box. The GA Crew (gahelp@uw.edu) is also available to help with copy/scan requests.

For large copy jobs, please use UW Creative Communications. Contact the academic services specialist if you need a budget number.

Classroom Schedules, Equipment and IT Resources

If your class is scheduled in MGH 430 or BLD 070, those rooms are controlled by the iSchool. Email isched@uw.edu for scheduling questions or visit the iSchool IT section for more information on iSchool equipment checkout, computer labs, network overview and more.

For information on equipment available in all other campus classrooms, Classroom, Technology, and Events (CTE) has equipment listed for all buildings. Instructors and teaching assistants may use their UW NetID to access classroom computers for credit-generating teaching activities. Contact the CTE help desk by email at classrm@uw.edu or at 206.543.9900 for more information.

Office Hours / Office Space

Faculty teaching on campus classes are expected to have at least one office hour scheduled each week so students know when you will be available for consultation. Include this information on your course web page and in your syllabus. Please contact the reception desk at ireception@uw.edu to schedule space.

For online instructors, the equivalent is to respond to emails within 24 to 48 hours or to schedule Adobe Connect office hours.

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.

(206) 616-3086

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