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First, ask whether or not your research includes human subjects. See the following link to the UW Human Subjects Division website that contains a worksheet to help define whether it is human subjects research and required IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval:

Second, if you determine that you will need IRB approval, you will need to register as a user of the Zipline system, which is the required electronic system for submitting Human Subjects applications. Register for your account here and ask your study team members to register as well:

Next, the required document in the new system is a form called the IRB Protocol form. There are two types:

If you have a study team, also complete the addendum form:

Study Roles

For questions about submitting a new study in Zipline, see the following tutorial:

Online Tutorial

For further help, browse the Zipline resources:

Zipline Education

When you’re ready, complete the Zipline web form and attach required documents (the Zipline system will guide you through what these are). Correspondence will be delivered to you through the online system, though you will receive email notices that you have a message waiting. This is how your IRB reviewer will let you know if your application has been approved or if the reviewer has more questions.

Questions about your particular IRB Protocol form or about the process as a whole for the iSchool?

Contact Jennifer Phipps, iSchool Research Development Coordinator at or 206-685-8805. She’ll be more than happy to help you think through your application.





If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
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