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Managing and updating the passwords for all your online services can be daunting. Not only is it important to change them at least once per year, it’s also ideal if they are all unique. That’s where a Password Manager comes in handy.

Password Managers are usually browser plug-ins that override the browser’s built-in password manager and work in ALL your browsers. Some even have apps for various mobile platforms. When you store a password using a Password Manager the information is encrypted. The encryption takes place on your computer and this encrypted info is then stored in the cloud by the Password Manager provider.

The advantage to using a Password Manger is you can generate very strong passwords for all your online services and you don’t need to remember; you only need to remember the password for your Password Manager. Additionally you can install the Password Manager on as many computers as you own and once you login, all settings and data sync to multiple devices.

One Password Manger that we recommend is LastPass.

Here is a review:

For most people the default install is sufficient but here are some instructions in case you need them.

Download and launch the installer.


Be sure to check the boxes for all browsers and advanced options box at the bottom.


Be sure to check the boxes to replace the built-in password manager in all your browsers.


If you don’t have a LastPass account select the top radio button to create one.


Be sure to enter a password reminder.


Be sure your LastPass password is strong and that it’s something you will remember! This is the ONE password you can’t forget.


Let LastPass scour your computer for additional items and then select what you want to import.


Once you are done, be sure to remove all items that were imported into LastPass from your computer.  This will ensure that if your computer is ever stolen or compromised this information can’t fall into anyone else’s hands.


Only opt to stay logged in if you are using a desktop computer that no one else uses. If you use a shared computer or a laptop change this option to automatically log you out.


Be sure to watch the video tutorial! This application has a lot of features and you should at least become familiar with its basics.

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