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Students may participate in research at the iSchool by pursuing the following resources:

  • Volunteer for a faculty-led research project, usually earning some form of independent study credits.
  • Enroll in a research seminar (INFX 571).
    • In INFX 571, students work in teams under the supervision of individual faculty members to engage in research or design activities and learn through hands-on participation and study. Learning activities include data collection, data analysis, building prototypes, testing or evaluation, or dissemination activities.
  • Seek internship opportunities with a research orientation.
  • Plan a research-oriented capstone project, typically with a faculty sponsor.
  • Participate in the UW Undergraduate Research Seminar, or present at regional conferences, typically with faculty mentoring.
  • Student Employment—work as a Research Assistant. Assistantships may be rare and are appointed on a competitive basis.


If there is an area of research that you find particularly exciting:

  1. Keep your eye on our Student Employment Opportunities web page, where openings are posted:; and more, importantly,
  2. Contact individual faculty members whose research program is particularly interesting to you. This may result in volunteer or paid roles. You can learn more about faculty research by visiting the following pages:
  3. iSchool research areas:
  4. iSchool research projects:
  5. iSchool research groups:
  6. dig into faculty profiles here:


Additionally, seek guidance from and attend events put on by the UW Undergraduate Research Program:

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
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