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Activity Insight

Mostly for faculty and researchers since they have more records in Activity Insight and use it for reports.


About Apple devices, macOS and iOS.


Anything to do with iSchool backups. What we backup, how it's backed up, when it's backed up, how to access your backup, how to access versions and what is NOT backed up. We do not provide archival backups.


Information about collaboration and information sharing tools.


Email at the University of Washington, Information School.

Google Workspace


Upgrading, replacing, fixing and using iSchool hardware, including checkout equipment.


iSchool IT hosting options including websites and servers and virtual machines.

Lecture Capture

Information for instructors about how to record and share lectures.

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine is a site that offers iSchool students select Microsoft software at no charge.

Online Learning

Online Learning at the University of Washington, Information School.


Information about telephones and telephone related things as they pertain to the University of Washington.


Network printers, directly connected personal printers and how to add an iSchool printer to a personal computer that is not joined to the NETID domain.

Remote Access

Accessing iSchool or UW resources remotely via VPN, Remote Desktop, SFTP, etc.

Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Request Tracker

Request Tracker at the University of Washington, Information School.


Security, phishing, updating/installing/removing anti-malware programs, spam, etc.


Anything to do with any Operating System, Application or the iSchool Software Image. How to use it, how to update it, how to configure it, etc. This includes SharePoint.


Information about streaming tools and videoconferencing.


Find posts about teaching at the University of Washington, Information School.


Find posts about general, University of Washington related things.


How to update the iSchool website.