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In order to give students at the iSchool the greatest possible flexibility in achieving their academic work, everyone who uses an iSchool lab computer is automatically logged in to that computer as a local Administrator, with full permission to install software, and to make any number of configuration changes to the computer’s operating system.

However, while the iSchool believes in providing an open learning environment, it also wants to give its lab users secure, reliable machines. For this reason, it has chosen to run Deep Freeze on all lab machines.

Deep Freeze is a program that restores a computer to a “fresh state” after each system reboot. Consequently, if you install a program on an iSchool lab machine and then reboot the machine, the program will no longer be installed when the machine restarts. Deep Freeze returns the computer to it’s original pristine state, so if you ever experience any problems with a lab computer they can be fixed by rebooting.

Using Deep Freeze ensures that our machines stay up and running with the least amount of interruptions due to accidental configuration changes, software bugs, spyware, malware and viruses.

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
(206) 616-3086