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There are two places to enter comments about your teaching that will be included in your Faculty Activity Report.

For comments that apply to all of your teaching activities for the report year.

  • In the Yearly Narratives screen (see Miscellaneous section of the Main Menu):
    • Select the appropriate year for the Report Year
    • Select “Teaching” in the drop down list in the “Narrative Related to” field.
  • The contents of the “Narrative” field will appear on your FAR at the beginning of the Teaching section. Note that you can click the little down arrow on the right of the Narrative field to expand the field.

For comments that apply to a particular course.

  • In the Scheduled Teaching screen (see Teaching section of the Main Menu). All of your courses should appear there, uploaded from central databases.
  • Click the little pencil in the Edit column for the course you want to comment on.
  • You can enter any comments about that course in the last field on the screen. These comments will appear on the FAR in a table with other course info in the Teaching section.

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