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September 30th, 2013

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In order to start a new project and gain first time access to the iSchool’s Hyak/Lolo environments, the Director of IT for the iSchool must give approval. If you require access to Hyak/Lolo to participate in a project already running on Hyak/Lolo you will need approval from that project’s owner. Once you are approved to access the Hyak/Lolo environments there are three steps that need to happen:

01. Contact the iSchool IT Help Desk and request access to Hyak/Lolo (please CC the person approving your access to expedite this request). The help desk staff will add you to the appropriate NetID permissions group.

02. Enable Hyak/Lolo for your NetID account. To do this, visit and enable Hyak Server and/or Lolo Server.

03. Request a two-factor authentication token from For instructions on requesting a two-factor token please see the logging in to Hyak/Lolo for the first time wiki article.

For complete information on logging in to Hyak/Lolo for the first time, please visit the Hyak Users Wiki.

Some other key wiki articles are:

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
(206) 616-3086