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The iSchool’s macOS computer lab computers can be accessed remotely, from a Windows computer, by following the instructions below.

A general list of software installed on the computers can be found on this web page:

The computers accessible via these instructions are shared resources. Important items to note:

-All changes, files, typed-in-information, etc., will be erased when the computer restarts.
-Save any specific files you need to a cloud-storage location.
-Double-click the “Restart Computer” icon on the desktop when you are finished using the computer.
-Computers may be restarted by iSchool IT when necessary.

1) Windows users need to download and install the zero-cost application named “VNC Viewer”:

2) Start the Husky OnNet virtual private network (VPN) application. 

Information about Husky OnNet and how to download the Husky OnNet application can be found on UW-IT’s site: 

3) Add the iSchool specific server address: 
to the Husky OnNet application: 

a. Click Change Server 
b. Delete everything in the “Select server:” field. 
c. Enter the address: 
d. Click Next 
e. Click Connect 
f. Enter your UW NetID credentials when prompted. 

4) Using a web browser, go to the address:

5) Click any room name beginning with “macOS” to see available computers. Make note of any visible/available “IP address” in the “Address” column.

6) Start the VNC Viewer application. Enter the IP address from step 5, into the “Enter a VNC Server address or search” field. Press enter or return on your keyboard.

7) You will be presented with an “Insecure Connection” notice. It is okay to click “Continue.”

8) At the “Authentication” screen, for “Username:” enter iguest. Click “OK.”

9) You will see a login screen, with no option but to login as the user iguest. Press enter or return on your keyboard.

10) Double-click the “Restart Computer” icon on the desktop when you are finished.

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
(206) 616-3086