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February 7th, 2018

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Sorting email into folders automatically can be a huge time saver and can keep you focused on the messages that demand your immediate attention. You can create rules to let Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web App) sort them into the folder of your choice. Rules can sort messages based on the sender, the subject, the recipient or a combination of various characteristics. When you are creating a rule for Outlook, make sure that:


  • If you have a UW Spam Gauge rule applied, always move the Spam rule to the top of your list of rules so that it is processed first;
  • All your rules are server-side unless you are creating rules for client only actions, such as coloring your emails or otherwise personalizing your email. You can make your rules on OWA to ensure it’s server-side.

Here is an article from Microsoft about how to make rules in Outlook:

And one about how to make rules in OWA:


Once you have rules in place that sort your email you need the ability to find them. This is best done using the Unread Mail Search Folder:

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