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To edit a page, follow the steps below:

First login to the iSchool site with your UW NETID and password.  The login link is the last link located at the bottom of every page, above the four social media icons.

Once you’re logged in, go to the page you wish to edit. The areas that are editable on the page will have a purple cogwheel to the right of the section title. Click on the cogwheel and choose “Edit”. This will bring up the Drupal back-end version of the page.

You will see the status of the page you’re about to edit is a “New draft of live content” at the top. The NEW DRAFT tab will also to active on the upper right. Click on the “Paste as plain text” button in the wiziwig; this will prevent the addition of unnecessary html styles from the various document source you’re pasting from. Then paste the content into the text area that pops up.

If you feel more comfortable editing the source code of the Body, click on the “Source” tab of the wiziwig and make your desired changes. You are only permitted to use “Filtered HTML” in your source code, as outlined in the bullet list below the Body area. So be careful about the HTML tags you choose.


Once you are done editing, click on the Publishing options tab at the bottom left sidebar. You will see that the Moderation State dropdown menu says “Current: Save as Draft”, “Submit for Review”, or “Save as Published.” Choose Save as Draft if the edits you make are still subject to change, so you may return for more edits later.

Note that the next time you click on the cogwheel before you begin editing a page, Drupal will remember your draft, and show the “Edit draft” option.

If you submit for review, the version of your edit will be received by our Web Producer, who will then review your edits before they are published. Please note that you do not have the right to save your edits as published directly because we require reviews for all content edits before they go live to ensure web content consistency throughout our site.

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact the iSchool IT Help Desk.
(206) 616-3086