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Lenovo laptops with non-removeable batteries have a “hard battery reset” button that is useful to use when troubleshooting problems with:

– external devices (including monitors) not being recognized by the laptop
– power adapters (battery chargers) not being recognized by the laptop

The actions below do not affect any software or settings.


Follow these steps to use the “hard battery reset” button:

– Disconnect computer from all cables, including monitors and power adapters.
– Shutdown computer.
– Find a paperclip, toothpick, or other small pointy object.
– Turn computer upside down.
– Stick the paperclip (or other object) in the small hole on the bottom of computer. You will feel a slight click.
– Click the button a few times.
– Turn the computer back on.
– Plug external devices and cables back into the computer.
– Power on the computer.

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