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By default, when you share a OneDrive for Business file or folder, the person you share with can re-share the file or folder.

For example, Person A can share an item with Person B. Person B can then share this item with Person C whether Person A wants the item to be shared with Person C or not.

To prevent this default action and instead, receive an email requesting access for Person C, follow these instructions:

01) sign into your OneDrive for Business web page

02) click the top-right gear icon, click Site settings


03) click Site permissions


04) click Access Request Settings


05) uncheck Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders.

uncheck Allow members to invite others to the site members group, (Your Name) Members. This setting must be enabled to let members share the site.

check Allow access requests, enter your email address in the box

click OK


From now on, if Person B tries to share an item with Person C, Person A (you) will receive an email to approve or decline the re-sharing:

01) click Accept or Decline to address the re-sharing request


02) you are taken to a web site where you can approve or decline the re-sharing request


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