Remotely Wipe Your Mobile Device

Date: April 15th, 2014 | Category: Email, Microsoft, Mobile Devices, Office 365

In the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, it is possible to wipe all data from it and restore it to factory default settings via the Outlook Web App. This is only possible, if you have previously added your UW Exchange email account to your device.

These instructions should only be used if you wish to wipe all data (not only your UW Exchange Account!) from your mobile device and restore it to factory default settings:

1) log into the Outlook Web App

2) click the Settings gear icon Office 365 Settings Gear Iconin the top-right corner, click Options

Outlook Web App Options Button


3) click phone, click mobile devices, click the specific device you want to erase, click the Wipe Device buttonWipe Device Button

Select Mobile Device For Erasing


4) a last-chance warning will appear, click yes


5) the mobile device will erase all data and restore itself to factory default settings

6) you will receive an email confirming the remote-device-wipe completed successfully

Remote Device Wipe Completed Message


7) go back to: Outlook Web App > Settings > Options > phone > mobile devices, click the specific device you just wiped, click the Delete buttonDelete Button, click yes

Delete Device

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