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If searching for emails in the desktop version of Outlook produces no or unexpected results, the first option should be searching Outlook via the Office 365 website.

Suggestions for searching with the desktop version of Outlook are below.

Outlook, Windows
Rebuild Search Index
Change Cache Setting


Outlook, Mac OS X
Re-index Spotlight


Rebuild Search Index

1. start Outlook, click FILE, click Options

Outlook 2013 Options


2. click Search, click Indexing Options…, click Advanced, click Rebuild, click OK

Outlook 2013 Rebuild Search Index


3. close the Indexing Options and Options windows

Note: Indexing likely takes a long time to complete. If you followed steps 1-3, wait some time before re-running the search in Outlook.


Change Cache Setting

1. start Outlook, click FILE, click Account Settings, click Account Settings…

Outlook 2013 Account Settings


2. click (name), click Change…, click the Mail to keep offline slider and drag it to the right until the setting is All, click Next >, click Finish, restart Outlook

Outlook 2013 Offline Setting


Re-index Spotlight

1. click the top-left Apple icon Top-Left Apple Menu Icon, click System Preferences…, click Spotlight

System Preferences Spotlight


2. click Privacy, drag your home folder or an entire volume (your hard drive) to the Privacy window, if prompted for confirmation, click OK

Drag Folder To Spotlight Privacy


3. remove the item or volume you just added to the list: click the item you just added, click the minus button Apple Minus Button

Remove Folder From Spotlight Privacy


4. close Spotlight System Preferences, Spotlight will re-index the contents of the folder (note: Depending on the size of the folder, re-indexing may take quite some time. Until this process is finished, Spotlight won’t know the contents of the folder and searches in the folder (and Outlook) will not work.)


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