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You must inform the Husky Card Office at once if you believe your Husky Card has been lost or stolen. The best way to report a lost or stolen Husky Card is through the Husky Card Online Office, where you can suspend activity on your Husky Card Account until the Husky Card is found or replaced.

To obtain a replacement, one may also visit the Husky Card Account & ID Center located in the Basement of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, next to the By George dining center. It is open Mon-Fri, from 8am to 5pm. The ID center can be contacted by phone (206) 543-7222 or by email at

A nonrefundable fee of $20 is charged for replacement Husky Cards. Note that you must bring your UW student or employee ID number and your state or federally-issued photo identification, such as your driver’s license, passport, etc.

To learn more about U-Pass, visit the following web pages:

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